Natural alternative for Pepcid is what people suffering from heartburn need

Its use is in the short-term cure of active duodenal ulcer. A vast majority of grown-up patients get well within a period of 4 weeks. There is no need to administer a full dosage of Pepcid for over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Research has not been able to analyze the protection of famotidine in basic active duodenal ulcer over a length of time of over eight weeks.

Another use of this is in the maintenance treatment of those suffering from a duodenal ulcer at lessened dosage once an active ulcer has healed. Controlled researches done on grownups have not surpassed a year.

One more use of it is in the short-term cure of active gastric ulcer that is benign. The vast majority of adults get well within a period of six weeks. Research that has been done till now have not made an assessment of the safety or usefulness of famotidine in basic active gastric ulcer of benign nature for over eight weeks.

It is also made use of in the short-term cure of GERD. It is useful in the short-term therapy of patients experiencing warning signs of GERD.  It is also made use of in the short-term cure of esophagitis resulting from GERD that includes erosive /ulcerative ailment that endoscopy diagnoses.

It is also made use of in the cure of pathological hypersecretory states.

Side Effects

Pepcid has various side effects.

It might cause constipation, headache or diarrhea. In case any of such effects continue or deteriorate, inform your doctor /pharmacist right away.

You should notify your doctor immediately if you experience any intense side effects that include:

•    Easy contusions/bleeding

•    Fast/dawdling/lopsided heartbeat

•    Indications of infection (examples being sore throat that persists, chills, fever,)

•    Changes in mood and mental state (examples being confusion, restlessness, hallucinations, depression)

•    Seizure

An incredibly intense allergic reaction after taking this medicine is unusual. Nevertheless, get medical aid immediately on noticing any symptoms of a grave allergic reaction. Among such symptoms are rash, itchiness/swelling (particularly on one’s face/ throat/tongue), constant dizziness and difficulty in breathing.

There are more side effects other than the ones mentioned above.

Natural substitutes for heartburn drugs

When patients use proton pump inhibitors /histamine H-2 receptor blockers such as Zantac, Tagamet, / Pepcid they could reduce stomach acidity so much that their body becomes incapable of absorbing vital nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc and several others.
Much similar to antibiotics, heartburn medications of every kind, including Pepcid, are hideously over-prescribed. The majority of health care specialists believe that possibly one in a hundred individuals requires such drugs. The remaining 99 individuals need changing their diets and using safe alternatives including a Natural alternative for Pepcid.

Acidgone- Natural alternative for Pepcid is a great option that people can use.

This natural alternative along with changes in lifestyle is a great cure for people suffering from hyperacidity. All of you who are hesitant about what you ought to do should seek the advice of a natural health care specialist.


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